A complete cybersecurity solution specially tailored to the needs of alternative asset managers, including unplanned redemption coverage.

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Product Overview

Cyber Risk 360° is a complete cybersecurity solution tailored to the specific needs of the alternative asset management space. From cyber coverage to threat monitoring and legal counsel, this product provides an integrated suite of services to address all aspects of cybersecurity risk management for hedge funds with one comprehensive solution.

Cyber Risk 360° also includes unplanned redemption coverage that covers losses that fund managers may incur as a result of a cyber-attack.

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Individually, we are industry leaders in our respective fields who have specialized experience in the alternative asset management space. As a collective force, we bring a variety of perspectives and all-encompassing experience in risk management, insurance underwriting, legal and compliance, cyber defense and information technology to meet the unique cybersecurity needs of hedge funds.

Our unparalleled team and combination of specialized skills ensure that we provide the most comprehensive service that addresses all angles of your organization’s cybersecurity and enterprise risk management needs.

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We assess the current state of your cybersecurity and crisis management program and enact a strategic plan to resolve any deficiencies and offer best-in-class protections and readiness.  

Our team conducts a comprehensive coverage review during the initial evaluation stage in preparation for policy placement. 

The Cyber Risk 360° offering includes a cyber insurance policy that is underwritten by Everest Insurance®, and features an extension of coverage for unplanned redemptions, allowing fund managers to recoup lost management fee income attributed to cyber breach event.  

We provide continuous 24/7 system monitoring to identify and address cyber threats and offer enterprise risk advice to ensure cybersecurity policies are implemented and updated continuously.   

In the event of a cyber breach, our team manages the investigation and response from a strategic and operational perspective. 

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