Product Overview
Born from trusted private equity industry veterans, ACA Aponix and Alliant Financial Institutions, PortCo Protect provides comprehensive cybersecurity risk mitigation and transfer solutions tailored to the needs of private equity managers and their portfolio companies.

PortCo Protect Benefits
  • Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment and Risk Scoring
  • Access to Top Cybersecurity Insurers
  • Simplified Underwriting Process
  • Preferred Terms & Conditions
  • Portfolio Group Pricing
  • Potential Premium Credit Towards Assessment

How it Works
Maturity Assessment and Risk Index
Cybersecurity programs are assessed and scored on our proprietary and carrier recognized Residual Risk Cybersecurity Index Calculator.
Risk Analysis
We assess the current state of your cybersecurity insurance program across the private equity sponsor, and as appropriate all portfolio companies, highlighting any deficiencies and inconsistencies across the portfolio.
Cybersecurity Insurance
The proprietary cyber insurance product is placed with an industry leading carrier. The streamlined insurance application process provides several benefits, including but not limited to; preferred terms and conditions, more competitive rates and economies of scale across portfolio companies.
Incident Response & Crisis Management
In the event of a cyber breach, our team manages the investigation and response from a strategic and operational perspective

Who We Are
We are industry leaders in our respective fields who have specialized experience in the private equity space. As a collective force, we bring a variety of perspectives and comprehensive experience in risk management and insurance underwriting to meet the unique cybersecurity needs of your business.

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