This project consists of constructing the third and final phase of the $1.5b Middle Harbor Redevelopment Project. The finished project Long Beach Container Terminal (LBCT) would complete one of the most advanced and greenest shipping terminals in the world. The estimated capacity of this terminal is 3.3m 20-foot cargo container units ranking LBCT as America’s 6th busiest port by itself. The terminal provides fully electric cargo offloading of 3 ships simultaneously. Once completed LBCT would be one of the most modern, greenest and efficient terminals in the world.
Outline of Construction
The Stage 3, Phase 3 project had an original contract value of just over $152m awarded in January of 2018. Construction began on the over 100-acre project in mid-March 2018. The project consists of over 400k CY of earth moving, 15k feet of water system, 2k feet of sewer system, 45k feet of storm drain system, 20k CY of cement treated base, nearly 200k CY of aggregate base, 50k CY of railroad ballast, 90k tons of asphalt pavement, 17k CY roller compacted concrete, 33k feet of fencing including 81 gates, 30k feet of crane rail and foundation, 6 refrigerated container racks, 30k CY of Portland Cement Concrete, 90k feet of electrical duct bank, 5 electrical substations, 4 small buildings, 3 pre-manufactured booths, 44 prefabricated trucker booths, roughly 10 miles of railroad track, 20 railroad turnouts, truck scale pit complete with 8 certified weigh scales plus many other miscellaneous improvements to round out the project. To date the contract has incurred over $9m in additional change order improvements bring the current total value to just under $162m.

Contract Duration/Delays
The original contract had a total duration of 1,055 calendar days (35months) including 11 Milestones for a final completion date of January 31, 2021. The original construction duration was 995 calendar days with an original completion date of December 2, 2020. Currently delays from an adjacent project have impacted the project completion. The current projected completion date is estimated April/May 2021.

Service to the Industry
This project has amassed over 350k manhours and employed an average of roughly 100 employees over the course of the past 30 months. The project requires the support of over 100 subcontractors and vendors. The project has strict small business requirements with mandated percentage goals for Small Business Enterprise (SBE), Very Small Business Enterprise (VSBE), Dis-Advantage/Veteran Employees. Griffith and its subcontractors/vendors have not only achieved these challenging goals but have nearly doubled each of them. The SBE/VSBE program for Port of Long Beach (POLB) provides valuable opportunity for small and local businesses to expand and thrive in the community.

Service to the Public/Community
The completed Middle Harbor Development Project provides for many future job opportunities for Long Beach and its surrounding communities. The modern design improves the efficiency of cargo transportation thus reducing truck wait times and dispersing local traffic impacts. The vastly improved efficiency reduces transportation time as well as costs. The nearly all electric facility also has a significant environmental impact as part of the Port of Long Beach’s commitment to be “The Green Port”. Complete with shore power facilities and electric cranes and transfer vehicles there is an immense reduction of greenhouse gasses compared to facilities of similar size.

Constant coordination is maintained in efforts to reduce impacts to this project’s completion date. Formal facilitated partnering has been in full use throughout the duration of the project. Regular quarterly facilitated partnering session are held with monthly scorecard evaluations to monitor the Team’s progress towards the aligned goals. Unfacilitated monthly executive partnering luncheons are held to monitor the progress between the facilitated sessions. The team continues to look for ways to navigate the challenges presented.

This project has been faced with challenges from the very start. The implementation of a Steel Tariff from just after execution of the contract plagued material pricing. Consistent effort by both contractor and Port of Long Beach throughout the duration has been maintained to minimize and mitigate the immense impact on the project costs. During to infant stages of the demolition, work was consistently challenged by numerous unknown utility impacts. Griffith and POLB navigated the impacts and provided direction as well as vehicles of payment for increased costs. Weather then became a significant challenge through the 2018/2019 winter months. Over 20 working days of weather impacts were experienced. Through careful planning and coordinated cleanup efforts, the work was progressed without impact to the first major milestones including the successful turnover of an extra nearly ¼ mile of operational intermodal yard to LBCT. Several hazardous materials findings then slowed progress where careful environmental mitigation was coordinated with Waste Management and POLB EP Department. A plan was developed and executed to mitigate the hazardous waste and progress the work with zero impact to project completion and minimal impact to interim Milestone dates. Turnover delays from an adjacent project then forced re-sequencing of many phases of construction. Griffith and POLB continue to work through the challenges of re-sequencing the phases in efforts to minimize the overall schedule and cost impacts. In 2020, Griffith experienced the challenges of navigating the new waters of the COVID-19 (Corona Virus) pandemic. Through careful monitoring and controls the project has managed over 50,000 manhours with only a single confirmed case. Though the challenge remains, the team is vigilant in its measured and commitment to the safety of all parties.

Thanks for Building!
Alliant would like to say #thanksforbuilding to Griffith Company who continues to contribute to the development of our nation's infrastructure by taking on projects that truly uplift our local businesses and communities, placing a significant value on the importance of construction in our nation. Griffith Company, located in Brea, CA, is a general engineering contractor providing services to private and public sector clients on projects in the areas of transportation, infrastructure, and site development throughout Southern California.


Griffith Company


April/May 2021
For more information about Griffith Company, visit their website: https://griffithcompany.net/

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