200 Park, a new high-rise in downtown San Jose, will be the first project in California to use the revolutionary SpeedCore system to build the structure’s core. Currently under construction, 200 Park will begin erecting steel in Q2-2021. The 19-story project has four levels of underground parking and 15 levels of Class A flexible work space on large (avg. 54,000 sq. ft.) floorplates. The building also contains a fitness center and 26,000 sq. ft. of outdoor terraces. Total office rentable square footage is 937,000. It is Design-build MEPF and LEED Gold.
The SpeedCore system, a new hybrid core system, is revolutionary in that it uses a concrete-filled composite steel plate shear wall core instead of a cast-in-place reinforced concrete core, which will in turn reduce the time it takes to erect the core by 40 percent. While construction project management software has helped make projects much more efficient in the past few decades, there have been few construction methods that have had the potential to reduce construction time to the degree that SpeedCore can. Erection times using a reinforced concrete core varies from around three to five days per floor. However, with with SpeedCore, it's possible to build four floors--that's two tiers--in a week. 

Level 10

42 Months

May 2023
A non-proprietary system, SpeedCore begins with pre-fabricated panels consisting of two structural steel plates that are held in place with cross-connecting tie rods. After erection, these panels are filled with concrete, creating a unique sandwich-style structure that provides strength and stability along with the benefits of rapid construction.

200 Park is proof of one of Level 10’s core values: Innovation. Their teams continually seek ways to add value to their clients’ projects by employing new construction technologies, systems and methods that save time and money, increase quality and improve safety.

Thanks for Building!
Alliant would like to say #thanksforbuilding to Level 10, who continues to be a forward thinker in the construction industry by implementing new technologies, placing value on the importance of construction in our nation. Level 10 Construction, located in Sunnyvale, CA, is focused on providing innovative facilities to the corporate, healthcare, education, life sciences, technology, entertainment, housing/mixed-use and gaming/hospitality markets.
For more information about Level 10, visit their website: www.level10gc.com

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