The Stanford Manzanita Field Garage is three levels of underground parking topped by multiple athletic fields and is one of the first green-roof projects at Stanford University.
The 384,000-sq.-ft. project contains three stories of underground parking with 832 spaces, topped by a green roof that has a soccer field, and volleyball and basketball courts. Construction of the logistically complex project required off-haul of 160,000 cubic yards of soil to create space for the three underground levels. While off-hauling soil sounds like a simple task, consider this: At maximum production, the job had 65 trucks per day, each taking four truckloads of soil to the dump site. That’s a total of 260 truckloads of dirt being transferred from the site per day, on an occupied college campus, which required precise coordination among the trucking companies. Other challenges on the project included waterproofing and crane positioning. Waterproofing on the project involved 18 monitoring wells and three large containment tanks. And, due to the small and limited access around the site, the pumps and cranes were very close to the shoring wall. To solve the problem, Level 10 designed and installed steel crane pads that sat on micro-piles to reduce any load on the shoring wall. Coordination of the crane and pump locations had to be established well before the shoring design.

The Stanford Manzanita Field Garage project is a great example of how Level 10’s preconstruction and construction teams work together to not only keep projects within budget and on schedule, but also to work collaboratively and creatively to solve the most difficult construction challenges.

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Alliant would like to say #thanksforbuilding to Level 10, who continues to enhance communities in America everyday. Level 10 Construction, located in Sunnyvale, CA, is focused on providing innovative facilities to the corporate, healthcare, education, life sciences, technology, entertainment, housing/mixed-use and gaming/hospitality markets.

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